A Full Day of Florentine Food and Drinks
Taylor, Spring 2024, Florence
March 15, 2024

One of the things I was most excited for in Florence was the food. There are many famous places to get food and drinks that you will see on social media, such as All’Antico Vinaio and the wine windows. I got the opportunity to live outside of the city center for my four months in Italy, so I have been able to discover some more local spots to enjoy a bite to eat, a delicious cappuccino, or a glass of wine.

Ballerini has the BEST pastries and coffee. This is the blackberry croissant and a caffe latte.

Starting off strong with one of my favorite cafes, Ballerini Il Cioccolato has a stunning selection of pastries and some of the best coffee I have had in Florence. My personal favorite thing to order is a pastry with a blackberry filling and topped with powdered sugar. The slightly bitter filling combined with the sweetness of the flakey croissant makes an ideal snack or breakfast treat. I love coffee, and the cappuccino from Ballerini is absolute perfection. (Pro tip: if you want an extra shot of espresso, order a flat white. Most places offer them and those have a second shot in them.)

The sandwiches from I Fratellini are my favorite. The outside of the shop is so cute too, and they have some little stools out so you can sit and enjoy your sandwich. Be ware of the pigeons though.

You may have heard of All’Antico Vinaio from their TikTok or Instagram posts, but this little panini place is just as good for half the price! I Fratellini has paninis that are 5 euros each, and filled with delicious meat, cheese, and veggies of your choosing. Near Piazza Della Repubblica, it is centrally located in the city making it an easy walk from almost anywhere in Florence. The shop is tucked away into an alley, but do not let that deter you from stopping by. Their paninis are always served warm and with a perfect amount of fillings that leave you satisfied.

Close up of the best pizza I have had in Florence! It had a bunch of different kinds of meat on it. The waiter turning on the Formula One practice for us made it all so much better!

There are hundreds of ristorantes, trattorias, and osterias in Florence to try, but I fully recommend Ristorante Pizzeria Trattoria La Carabaccia. I normally think most pizzas taste the same, which may be a hot take, but the pizza here was fantastic. The service was great, and they were so kind, which makes everything better! My roommate and I are both huge Formula One fans, and we were trying to watch the practice session on our phone. One of the workers walked by and saw, so he put it on the TV for us. The prices are great too. I highly recommend La Carabaccia for lunch or dinner!

Little picture of me with a glass of white wine from Il Trip Per Tre. The decorations inside are so cute and the people are awesome!

If you enjoy an after-dinner drink, Il Trip Per Tre is an adorable little Irish style pub outside of the city center. The drink prices are a lot better than some of the places you may find closer to the Duomo. When my friend and I first went here, it was so crowded, but the owner saw us looking around and pulled up two chairs to the bar for us. He also offered us a free taste of limoncello! Even if you do not drink alcohol, the atmosphere here is great just to hang out. There are always locals around, so you know it is a good spot.

Florence is a great place to try all the best Italian cuisine and enjoy the vibes in local spots. Outside of the city center, prices drop, and crowds shrink, but the quality of the food stays high! I definitely recommend trying these four places.

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Written by: Taylor, Spring 2024 Florence student from University of South Carolina

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