A Girl’s Ultimate Clothing Packing List for a Summer in Sorrento, Italy
Megan, Sorrento, Summer 2019
August 24, 2019

I’ll be honest, when I first started thinking about how I was going to pack for a summer in Italy in one suitcase, I was intimidated. I was afraid of packing too much and then I was afraid of packing not enough. Now, halfway through my study abroad in Sorrento, I have a pretty good idea of what would have been the perfect way to pack my suitcase.

My Nikes, athletic shorts and tank top were definitely a must for hiking Mt. Vesuvius with my volcanology class! Italy is a country filled with places to be active in, so never forget your sneakers!

Starting with tops, here are my recommendations:

  • Two comfy t-shirts (I rarely wear t-shirts, except while sleeping or chilling around the apartment)
  • 5 cute tank tops (tank tops are super easy to pack and will be the only thing you wear here in Sorrento, it is very hot!)
  • 2 work out shirts (for hiking, running, etc)
  • One lightweight cardigan (just in case you go into churches and coverage is required)
  • 3 or 4 casual dresses/rompers (these are really easy to just throw on and go)


  • 2 pairs of denim shorts
  • 4 pairs of cute, soft shorts (flowy shorts will be your best friend in the summer!!)
  • 1 pair of jeans (I have only worn my jeans once, at night, when it had cooled off some, it is just way too hot to wear them during the day)
  • 2 pairs of athletic shorts
  • Leggings (mostly just for traveling days)


  • 2 or 3 sets of swimsuits (you will be going to the beach multiple times every week)


  • 1 pair of sneakers
  • 1 pair of beach shoes
  • 3 pairs of casual sandals
    *make sure your shoes are already broken in!!! (even if they are, be prepared for blisters)

    It’s really important to be comfortable during your study abroad. It gets very hot and humid during the day so here I am wearing a white tank top with soft shorts and my comfy sandals! This is my favorite kind of outfit to wear while here in Sorrento. It’s casual but also cute, with an emphasis on comfortable and breathable!!

Things I Don’t Recommend Bringing:

  • Rain gear (it rarely rains, and when it does, it is usually during the night)
  • Heeled shoes (the cobblestone sidewalks will not be your friend)
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Sweatpants
  • Denim jacket

Once again, here I am in my favorite outfit style: soft, linen shorts with a tank top! My roommate is also wearing this and you will not regret it on the hot days. On this particular day, we were in Athens, Greece, which has similar weather.

The packing process is trial-and-error. But make sure to leave enough room for the souvenirs and clothing you will be bringing home!!

Megan was a summer 2019 Sorrento student from Penn State.

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