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Bella, Summer 2023, Sorrento
October 9, 2023

Summer Sorrento student and SAI Ambassador, Bella, shared with prospective students some advice on finding friends, roommates, food, and what to do on the weekends, all while catching some of her favorite memories on her film camera!

Me after saying yes to a boat trip through Instagram DM from a random girl who ended up being one of my best friends (shoutout Maryn)

I came into Sorrento incredibly anxious and knowing no one, however, I left with friendships I will cherish forever. If there is one thing I can say about going abroad, is to say yes to everything. By doing this I met the best people in the world. The friendships I made through SAI are so special to me and even after this summer, we have kept in touch throughout the year!

Delany, Lily, and Alexandra and simply the best people ever and I will cherish these friendships forever.

Roommates & Housing
Another perfect part about SAI is the way they do housing. They placed us in apartments throughout Sorrento that immersed us in the local culture. I was placed on the main street of Sorrento, perfect for people-watching! I was so lucky to meet my best friends, who were originally my random roommates. These girls were just one of the blessings SAI gave me. I learned so much about myself and others through these girls; they quickly became my best friends in five weeks.

Lily and I pictured at my favorite restaurants in Sorrento sharing lobster pasta and calamari of course:)



Abroad advice: try everything once!!
I have never been a picky eater so this wasn’t too hard for me but the food is too amazing to pass up. One of my favorite things was going out to new dinner places with my friends and talking about our days. Since the Sorrento was right on the coast the seafood was some of the best I’ve ever had. I was definitely on a mussels, lobster pasta, and calamari obsession!

Delany and I having the best first weekend island hopping to Capri, Ischia, Procida, and Positano!

One of the best parts about abroad was being able to explore Sorrento during the week and then travel on the weekends! One of my favorite weekend trips was going to the South of France with my roommates. Another aspect I loved about being abroad was being able to explore places in Europe that I wouldn’t think to travel to. The first weekend I took a ferry to two small islands, Ischia and Procida. I had never heard of these islands before but I am so glad I had the opportunity to see them!

Written by: Bella, Summer 2023 Sorrento student from Auburn University

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