The Art of Food and Drink in Florence
Bonnie, Florence, Summer 2016
February 13, 2017

Italians take pride in their food and fine wines. Whether you stumble upon tiny cafes or street restaurants, Italy is full of extraordinary and unique places to dine. While my summer abroad in Florence, I had the chance to discover some of these treasures for myself. It did not take me long to discover that the Italians truly have a way with how they choose to display food and drink. Here are 5 of my favorite (and most beautiful) delicious treats that I found to be a true piece of art!


Ponte Vecchio

1. Flower gelato from Amorino
No matter where you’re walking in Florence, it’s hard to turn a corner where you won’t come across a gelato parlor. But have you ever seen gelato that comes in the shape of a flower? Well Amorino is the place to find it, and it takes gelato to a whole new level. It’s just as delicious as it looks, so watch before your eyes as your delicious treat turns into a beautiful piece of art.


Flower Gelato

2. Duomo Latte from News Cafe
This is not your ordinary coffee shop. At News Cafe, located in the San Lorenzo neighborhood, they take your cappuccino to a whole new level with some of the most intricate designs drawn on top of your frothy milk. Ask your barista to draw the Duomo on your latte and Vuala! Now, that is one fun reason to take a coffee break.


Duomo Latte from News Cafe

3. Art Bar
This one’s all in the name. Art Bar focuses on artisan cocktails. From a diverse menu you can order many different types of daiquiris, mojitos, and cocktails stacked high with a beautiful arrangement of fresh fruit on top. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind type of place and a must while in Florence.


Artisan Cocktail from ArtBar

4. Heart shaped pizza from Gusta Pizza
For all you pizza lovers, this one is for you… a heart-shaped pizza from Gusta Pizza. What’s the big deal about it? Well, Gusta pizza is world- famous. It’s some of the best pizza you can find in Florence, and it’s cheap. Just make sure you tell your waiter when you order you’d like it in the shape of a heart. My recommendation is to get a pizza to go and a bottle of wine and enjoy it on the Ponte Santa Trinita (The bridge along the Arno that overlooks to Ponte Vecchio) at sunset.


Heart-Shaped Pizza from Gusta Pizza

5. Magnum Ice cream
You know those Magnum ice cream bars you can buy at the grocery store? Well, Florence has a Magnum store where you can create your very own from scratch. You first start by picking your ice cream flavor. Next you pick which flavor you would like your ice cream bar dipped in. And lastly you pick your toppings, and order up! A totally no traditional way to enjoy an American favorite.


Magnum Ice Cream             

Bonnie is a SAI Florence student from University of Mississippi for summer 2016.

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