Stand Out from the Crowd with SAI’s Global Leadership Certificate (GLC)

Now, more than ever, students are searching for ways to maximize their time abroad by gaining real-world experience for future careers. The SAI Global Leadership Certificate (GLC) offers a combination of courses and activities that provide access to leaders and the local community for personal and professional growth. The GLC schedule fits nicely into the semester to allow for ample free time. Students choose the GLC to gain cultural competency and develop leadership skills.

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Remote Learning: Tips & Practical Advice

Things may feel uneasy right now. Amid the uncertainties presented by COVID-19, many things have changed with concerns about how we attend classes, work from home, and socialize with friends. Engaging in a healthy, productive, and balanced remote learning environment may be completely new to you. It can be difficult to navigate the unknowns, disruptions, and uncertainties you may be experiencing.

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