A weekend in the Eternal City

Alessandra, SAI Rome

We caught up with SAI Rome Assistant Program Coordinator Alessandra, who talks about a weekend in the Eternal City.  Move to Rome in the summer, when the heat almost splits the sidewalks open. Move to Rome without knowing which buses, trams or metros to take. Move to Rome and be confronted with hoards of tourist every single day.

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A Customized Program in Rome

Marco, SAI Rome

We recently caught up with SAI Custom Programs Coordinator Marco.  Marco shares his experience on a spring weekend trip with Muhlenburg College.   As Custom Programs Coordinator at SAI I come in contact with several groups of students all over the year. The most exciting part of my job is when, after months of planning, a group arrives and I get to meet and greet the students on site.

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Umbria: My Favorite SAI Excursion

Jordan, SAI Rome

After having worked for SAI for almost three years, I have had the chance to plan and organize, as well as participate in an array of different activities and excursions for our students studying in Rome. This is definitely the best part of my job! There is one excursion in particular, however, that I really love: our weekend trip to the verdant region of Umbria, also known as “the green heart of Italy.

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How to Vote While Abroad

Gabrielle Longo, SAI Rome Assistant Coordinator

So you’ve unpacked your bags, shaken off those last remnants of jetlag, and are ready to dive into a carefree semester of breathtaking sights, drool-worthy food, and new friends. There’s nothing quite like saying goodbye to the responsibilities, expectations, and to-do lists of daily life in the United States for a semester, right? Not so fast!

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Do as the Romans Do

Jessica, SAI Rome

Italians are very personable, loud and enthusiastic by nature. Don’t be shocked when they seem like they’re screaming in anger. They’re probably just being theatrical storytellers. Slow Down: Italians love socializing and being out and about. Getting an iced coffee to go is not the best way to immerse yourself in the Italian culture.  My all- time- favorite thing to do is enjoy a coffee at a bar in the morning.

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