Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Paris
Caroline, Student Ambassador
January 11, 2017

While spending the Fall 2015 semester in Paris, I discovered many new places to eat.  Here is just a sampling of some of my favorite spots:


Avocado Benedict from Benedict

Le Petit déjeuner : Benedict in the Marais
Benedict offers an array of breakfast and lunch options. My favorite was the avocado benedict! Another delicious option is the fish and chips! Benedict is also located in the Marais which is my favorite area of Paris. It is full of culture, sights and many different food options!


Tartare de boeuf

Le déjeuner : Rue Cler in the 7th
AUP is located right near the Eiffel Tower. Almost every day my friends and I would get lunch on Rue Cler which is right near all of the campus buildings. It resembles a market filled with different places to eat. There are crepes, sandwiches and many more restaurants. One day my friends and I tried de boeuf tartar which is essentially raw beef. It is a classic French dish and I would definitely recommend it!


Steak from Robert and Louise

Le dîner : Robert et Louise in the Marais
Towards the end of our abroad days my friends and I found a small little restaurant in the Marais. It is a “steakhouse.” This is was definitely the best food I have ever had in Paris! Here is where I tried my first escargot and I absolutely loved it. The steak is made right is front of you in what looks like a chimney. It was definitely a great place for a big family dinner!

Catherine Moore
Catherine Moore
Oklahoma State University

My favorite part of studying abroad was the amazing people I met. My dream is to work for a magazine as a creative director. One of my professors used to be a model for Vogue Italy back in the 1960s. As I was getting ready to head back home she told me if I ever needed anything like a letter of recommendation to email her. Having that connection in my field is crucial and I am so excited about it!

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