Catch the Giro D'Italia with SAI Programs
Ralph, SAI Programs Academic Relations Manager
April 15, 2024

Photo by Daniel Llorente on Unsplash

The Giro D’Italia is a world famous 3 week cycling stage race where the world class cyclists are racing in multiple stages around Italy and nearby areas. As Italy is the prime destination for SAI programs, we mapped out where you could catch this amazing race passing by in various parts of Italy so whether you’re doing a Spring or early Summer program in Italy, you may have a great opportunity to catch this amazing spectacle live!

The first day of the Giro on May 5th will have the finish line in Turin, which is roughly a 4.5 hour train ride from Milan or just under 2 hours of driving.  The city is known for being the home of Fiat cars and world famous coffee brand Lavazza.  There’s stunning baroque architecture and art cafes throughout the city.

Stage 9 on May 12th will end in Naples, a 2 hour train ride or just under 1 hour drive away from Sorrento.  In addition to catching the fiery end of the bike race, you get to enjoy pizza in the city it was created in.  You can also enjoy the view of the world famous volcano, Mt. Vesuvius.  Naples is also well known for its famous opera house, the Teatro di San Carlo and it’s large shopping square, Piazza del Plebiscito.

Stage 10 on May 14th,  will begin Pompeii with a similar proximity to Sorrento as Naples. Pompeii is the tragic site of the 79CE eruption of Mount Vesuvius which decimated the entire city and it’s residents that has been entirely preserved.  There are opportunities to visit the ruins through guided tours.   

Lastly the race will end on May 26th in the city of Rome home to our John Cabot University campus.

Written by: Ralph Papillon, SAI Programs Academic Relations Manager

Photo Credit: 1st Photo from Unsplash, Photos 2-5 from

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