Contemporary Art Class Field Trip
Sarah, Florence, Spring 2018
April 17, 2018

I am going to be discussing the many exciting opportunities that I have been a part of while being in school at FUA. I am taking a Contemporary Art class with Lucia Giardino and it has been a fantastic experience so far.

Learning First-Hand

She has taken us to so many different museums and sites that it makes the course fees for the class so worth it. Last week for our class on Wednesday we went on a little field trip to Palazzo Strozzi and got a tour of the exhibition Birth of a Nation.


It was so exciting seeing the works that we have just been discussing in class. It is also very helpful in the long run, as finals close in, to keep all of this new information straight. The tour guide was thorough and informative in her discussions of prominent pieces in the gallery and answered any and all of our questions. This experience of having art so close at hand when studying in college is a blessing to say the least. I loved seeing how each room was curated around the artists mood and the connection I had to the works were very strong in response.


My Professor Lucia is also a lovely person and a great professor of whom I have come to respect for her knowledge and passion for Contemporary Art. I will miss her and this class dearly when I leave in a few weeks but this opportunity I was given to study within FUA and travel around the city and out of the confines of a classroom was so rewarding and will be remembered as a fond memory.

Stitched Canvas

Sarah is an SAI Florence spring 2018 student from Carroll University.

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