Florence Exposed: 9 Images of Florence Through the Lens of a Study Abroad Student
Bridgette, Florence, Spring 2019
June 4, 2019

Florence is a bustling city in the heart of Tuscany. Alive with visitors and locals alike, there is never a dull moment along its medieval streets. Around every corner there is something to be seen, from street art to all the little details that give Florence its identity. Below are some snapshots of daily sightings that I encounter every day as I navigate through the city on my way to and from class.

River Dwellers: Students read, study, and listen to music as they bask in the sun along the bank of the Arno.

Santa Croce: Tourists gather in Piazza de Santa Croce to gaze at the intricate details of the Basilica.

A Man and His Dog: Local Florentine man and is loyal pal wait to cross the busy street. This dynamic duo is consistently out and about at the same time every day.

(Flower) Petal to the Medal: Bikes are synonymous with the streets of Italy. This one here showcases the attention to detail practiced by Italians, for all the flowers are hand painted.

Green Shutters: Look up and see green shutters where ever you walk in Florence.

Ti AmOO: Florentine policeman rests against a graffitied wall as he surveys the streets.

Blub: Iconic Italian Street Art = Underwater Renascence Portraits

La Pastiera: What is Italy with out it’s multitude of pastry shops, where one can pop in for an afternoon treat.

Afternoon Delight: The best time of the day is when the sun shines down the streets as it sets, turning the oncoming pedestrian traffic into glowing shadows or to me; moving art created by the sun.

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