From Home to Rome
Gigi, Rome, Summer 2018
July 10, 2018

Rome is the perfect European capital where art, history, and religion are ​significant and contribute to Rome’s uniqueness. ​As a fashion lover and someone who enjoys eating foods that are difficult to pronounce, Rome was the perfect place to gain valuable knowledge and experience new adventures. Here were some of the iconic landmarks I visited so far and the yummy food I got along the way.

I got to live my Lizzie McGuire fantasy at the Trevi Fountain.  If you’re a 90’s baby and a Disney fan, you may know what I’m talking about.

The unique buildings were absolutely stunning, with the vibrant colors and plants on most of them.

One of the best desserts I got to taste was cannolis, that originated in Sicily. I got mines from the Dolci Nonna Vincenza. This was one of the places SAI took us to when we did a tour of tasting food around Rome.

What’s great about being in the heart of Rome is the the most convenient travels to nearby cities and areas. We went to Santa Marinella Beach that was an hour train ride.

Walks through the Trastevere neighborhood is absolutely breathtaking. There will be numerous opportunities to capture picturesque landscapes of Rome.

Gigi is a summer 2018 SAI Rome student from the University of San Francisco.

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