When Going to Class Becomes an Experience
Diane, Paris, Fall 2017
October 31, 2017

I am halfway into the semester and I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. No week is ever the same because classes have new activities, new challenges and trips that turn a typical class into a new learning experience. The classes that I have enjoyed the most this semester have been sculpture, photography and Paris history through architecture.


I was scared for this class because I have never done sculpture before. But on the second day we were already hands on with clay. The professor has been the best because she really dedicates time to each student and shows them how to start building up a sculpture from a basic structure. Her time and dedication for each student truly comes from the fact that she loves sculpture herself. I enjoy going to this class because every day we are learning to really see our model in order to get the perfect planes in our sculpture. We have also visited the Rodin museum during one class period and it was a whole new experience visiting a museum with someone that is so knowledgeable and passionate about sculpture. Now that I go to museums I have learned to appreciate the perfect muscle and face expression that are made in sculptures.

Sculpture class: day one, starting out


There is nothing better than having all of Paris as the subject for your pictures. I have enjoyed this class because it has allowed me to explore the city in order to capture the perfect moment. Every two weeks we are challenged with new requirements like capturing a shadow or reflection. The new requirements every week keeps the class challenging and interesting because you get to see Paris though different angles.

Photography: The happiness a bubble can bring

Paris history through architecture:

I have really enjoyed this class because of the balance of in class time with time walking around the city. Normally on Mondays we have lecture where we get background knowledge of monuments and buildings in Paris and how they played along with the history of the time. Then on Wednesdays we meet in the city and we walk around as a class to the different monuments we talked about on Monday. Is really interesting how we get to learn about the details while standing right in front of the building. I have really enjoyed this class because we get to explore significant parts of the city that are normally overlooked if you were in Paris just as a tourist.

Paris Architecture: St Gervais et St Protais

Diane is a Fall 2017 SAI Paris student from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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