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Emily, Sorrento, Summer 2016
June 13, 2016

My summer in Italy is off to a great start! I began my trip in Verona where I got to go to the Adele concert in the Arena there. It was such a beautiful concert and I’m so happy that I was able to go. Also, the timing of the concert couldn’t have been better, since I left Verona early the next morning to arrive in Napoli for the shuttle ride to Sorrento.

Natalie, Summer 16, Sorrento

Grazie Mille to my parents for the best graduation gift ever (even though I cried by myself the entire concert)

Natalie, Summer 16, Sorrento

One of my first meals in Sorrento, a Caprese salad – molto buono!

Since arriving in Sorrento, I’ve already done so many amazing things. It’s only been one week and it’s already beginning to run together! Some highlights so far are a hike along the “Path of Gods” along the Amalfi Coast, a day trip to a nearby beach called Regina Giovana and an afternoon spent exploring Pompeii.

Natalie, Summer 16, Sorrento

It began to pour right as we began the Path of Gods so we were soaking wet for most of the hike.

The trips aren’t my only favorite things about my summer so far. Every day spent in Sorrento is amazing. I love living with my host family, walking along the cobblestone streets, checking out all of the different shops and watching the sunset from a bench in Piazza Vittorio.

Natalie, Summer 16, Sorrento

But when the rain stopped, the views were beautiful.


Emily is a current student at University of Georgia studying at Sant’Anna Institute in Italy during the Summer 2016 term.

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