Meet our Blogger: Lydia
Sorrento, Summer 2014
April 17, 2014

Lydia was selected as an SAI scholarship recipient and blogger for the Summer. She is a current student at Seattle Pacific University studying at Sorrento Lingue (SA) in Sorrento, Italy during the Summer 2014 term.

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Tell us why you chose to study abroad.
Ever since I traveled to France, Germany, and Italy my senior year of high school I have had serious wanderlust. When I came back from my vacation I used to have dreams about the trip and all of the beautiful architecture and history and…GELATO! I knew that somehow I had to go back to Europe and when an opportunity arose to study abroad I jumped on it!

Tell us about your school, major, interests, clubs (you in a nutshell).
I am currently finishing up my junior year of college at Seattle Pacific University. Seattle Pacific University, or SPU, is a small private college located just two miles from the Space Needle in the very busy city of Seattle, Washington. Although the location of the school is near downtown it is very quiet and peaceful, which I enjoy since I grew up in a small town.

I’m currently studying to receive a double major in interior design and interior merchandising, with a minor in business. I’m also part of my school’s ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) group, Homecoming Committee, and I am a volunteer in other programs throughout my school as well.

I love watching movies, horseback riding, cooking, and reading.  My current favorite movie is Disney’s Frozen but I also could watch She’s the Man any day. I also love quoting movies, so you might catch me throwing a Miss Congeniality quote at you randomly.

What are you most excited about re. studying abroad?
While studying in Sorrento, I am most excited about growing my skills to use in the work field in the future. I also won’t complain about getting to eat the wonderful Italian cuisine or gelato. I can’t wait to live right on the Mediterranean and get to know the locals. I am also excited for the many adventures that I’ll have!

What are you most nervous about re. studying abroad?
Although I am very excited to start a new adventure I am also a little nervous. I only know a few Italian words (although Rosetta Stone is my new best friend) and I’m nervous that I won’t be able to communicate with the local residents. I am also nervous about leaving home for so long as this study abroad will be the longest I’ve ever been away from home. Even though this is a big step I am very excited to make it!

What are three goals that you would like to achieve/accomplish while abroad?
While studying abroad I hope to better understand Italian design so that I can incorporate it in the future. I also hope to become a better designer by understanding the needs of people internationally instead of just in America where I’ve studied up to this point. Lastly, I hope to learn Italian. I can speak French but I would love to add to my communication skills by learning and speaking Italian!

I am very excited to start this next adventure!

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