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Katie, SAI Ambassador
August 14, 2018

SAI caught up with SAI Ambassador Katie, who explains how studying abroad helped shape her future career goals. 

Studying abroad has already opened up new doors and possibilities regarding career goals. In my decision to study abroad, my main goal and mindset was centered around the purpose of growing as a person. I intended to break out of my comfort zone and branch out. I had the chance to tune into what factors are important to me to live a life I love and a chance to develop life-enhancing skills.

Adventuring in my soon to be home after Florence – Paris!

My study abroad experience has taught me more about myself and the world around me than I ever could have imagined. I’ve gain friendships with locals, an Italian family and Americans from all various states. While living in Florence, I learned how to adapt to various surroundings and consistency changing environments. Studying abroad strengthened my confidence, independence and self-sufficiency. It was due to this renewed sense of self and positive attitude that I found myself at an audition for Disneyland Paris in Rome.

Sipping on coffee and taking the time to journal or read quickly became a favorite way to spend time

Immediately following my semester’s final exams, I packed up my bags and had the chance of a lifetime to fulfill a dream of working for Disney, and in Paris, France! The personal growth I had undergone while studying in Florence quickly carried over to assist me in my transition to my new position. I felt capable taking the initiative, navigating uncertainty and change, and being curious and open-minded about the French culture.

A must see on my trip to Rome for my audition!

Working in Disneyland Paris would have not been possible if I had not chosen to study abroad in the first place. Studying abroad certainly shaped my future career goals in terms of applicable experience, especially in the arena of effectively communicating with people from all different walks of life. Going forward, I am now open to potential opportunities that would allow for me to continue my love of travel and relationship-building skills to work that I had not considered before my time abroad.

Amsterdam was my favorite stop on our spring break trip.

Studying abroad taught me through hands-on experience the endless amount of possibilities to utilize the skills learned and the various job markets in the international field.

Amsterdam was my favorite stop on our spring break trip.

Katie was a spring 2018 SAI Florence student from the University of Kentucky.

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