On Working Abroad
Nicole, SAI Ambassador
March 28, 2017

Hello! My name is Nicole Gagne and I studied abroad the spring of 2016 in London. I am very interested in working abroad after graduation, so I interviewed two on-site SAI staff members about their experience working for a U.S. company abroad. Hear their answers in the video below!


Nicole Gagne

Nicole Gagne
Stephens College

My study abroad adventure was nothing short of amazing. I met some incredible people and formed some of the most meaningful relationships. It’s truly the people along the way who made the experience what it was. We laughed until we cried, walked until we couldn’t walk anymore, and ate until we nearly popped. Those are the moments that I will never forget. I learned so much about the world and other cultures, but mostly, I learned about myself. Studying abroad was the best thing I have ever done; it changed my life and gave me a whole new outlook on the world.

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