Packing for Rome 101
Geraldine, Rome, Spring 2018
January 30, 2018

Do: Bring comfortable and casual sneakers. In Rome, all everyone does is walk so please be prepared to walk. Shoes such as Adidas, Vans, and Converse are best. All of the iconic monuments in Rome are all so close together so it is best to be comfortable and stylish at the same time in order to properly appreciate the history in front of you, instead of just thinking about how much your feet hurt.

The image that started it all!

Do: Bring very neutral clothing. In the States, we are used to wearing very bright clothing but when you get to Italy you will notice that the Roman men and women lean towards neutral clothing for a very chic look. In order to blend in and not stand out as much, solid dark colors are in your best interest. It is also very effortless and cute!

I made it to my SAI apartment!

Don’t: Bring heels. Trust me, even I bought a pair but I will not use them, it is a waste of space in my suitcase. The floor here is very uneven and it mostly cobblestone so they will get ruined and you might even fall. So do not risk it.

Do: Just bring one suitcase. It sounds impossible to pack only one suitcase under 50 pounds but it’s SO possible. You will buy a bunch of things in Rome throughout your study abroad experience so it is best to save room on the way to Rome. On your way back home, you can invest in a cheap suitcase to bring back all of your new purchases.

This is my first key and it just so happen to be a skelton key. Pretty awesome!

Don’t: Bring hair products or skin care products. Very close from the SAI housing you will find a grocery and pharmacy store so save space in your suitcase and buy them once you land in Rome. In Rome they have the same brands you find at home and it is all found easily and at a decent price.

Do: Bring an unlocked cell phone. Talk to your cell phone company, make sure your cell phone is paid off and unblocked so when you get to your study abroad location, you may by any cheap cell phone plan.

Rome is truly beautiful. I love the colorful houses and the blue sky.

Do: Bring a backpack. We all know study abroad students want to fit in as much weekend travels as they can. In order to save yourself money, bring any backpack you may have at home and use it as your personal item during your travels. That bag should fit all your needs for a quick stay!

Do: Come with an open mind. The struggle of learning a new language and experiencing their lifestyle is what will make this an amazing experience. Be ready to learn from the Eternal City.

The first of many and so far the best gelato place I have found.

Geraldine is a spring 2018 SAI Rome student from Suffolk University.


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