SAI’s 20th Anniversary
A Message from the SAI President
February 9, 2015


In 2015 we are excited to be celebrating the twentieth anniversary of SAI study abroad programs. We have come a long way from the handful of students our first semester; SAI now works with 18 partner schools in 10 European cities, and has helped over 20,000 students achieve their dream of studying abroad.

At SAI we believe strongly in the power of international education, and are proud to be contributing to generations of globally-minded individuals. In this 20th anniversary year we celebrate the efforts of the people and partner schools that have helped us get here. Throughout the year we will be highlighting each of our European partner schools, as well as recognizing the impact study abroad has had on our alumni and on SAI staff.

We are honored to share this success with all of our partners, students and alumni, and look forward to our role in the next twenty years of international education.

MC Sig

– Michael Cruciano
SAI Programs President

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