The Best is Yet to Come
Alethea, Rome, Spring 2012
March 22, 2012

Having been abroad for two months now, my new favorite experience has been traveling outside of Rome. I have yet to venture outside of Italy, but have instead visited places like Venice, Florence, and various small towns in Tuscany.

Each time I traveled outside of Rome I gained several things. I gained a renewed sense that Rome was definitely the right city for me to study abroad in. Rome is big enough that something is always going on, yet despite my lack of navigational skills, I somehow do not have trouble navigating it thus far. I also gained the ability to compare and contrast the differences between several important Italian cities, and see what it is I like about each of them and what it is I do not like about each of them. I have been making a mental list of cities that I could see myself living in sometime in the future!

But right now I am so grateful to be studying here in Rome, and I know that the best is yet to come. With the arrival of the beautiful weather I will be exploring Rome more and more, and I have made plans to do even more traveling, outside of Italy this time, so that I will be able to see the differences between many amazing European countries and cities.

Alethea – Suffolk University

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