The Beauty of Rome in the Springtime
Alethea, Rome, Spring 2012
April 17, 2012

The past month I have discovered something totally different from my previous month of traveling outside of Rome; this month I have discovered the beauty of Rome in the springtime. Seeing the city in full blossom, with the sun shining and the air smelling of flowers and grass, was something that I had not expected, and it did not put me in the mindset for doing school work!

But there is something almost magical about sitting out on a terrace and reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or leaving your window open while you write a paper. There is something invigorating about walking back from class and seeing children playing, and people smiling, and couples holding hands. In short, although up until this point I have appreciated Rome greatly, springtime has made me truly fall in love with this amazing city.

Alethea – Suffolk University

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