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Amber, Rome, Fall 2014
September 17, 2014

Lopez, A - Rome - Fall 14

the Coliseum I saw on orientation day

I got here a day before the move in date, August 25. It was a seven hour flight from the JFK Airport to the FCO Airport. Even though I saw the signs written in Italian everywhere at the airport, I still felt like I wasn’t in Rome. The next day was move in day, and the nerves were setting in. I was very anxious to move into my apartment and more importantly, meet my roommates. I’ve never dormed at Pace University, since I live in Manhattan, so this was definitely a new experience for me.  As soon as the shuttle dropped me off at my apartment, I took my suitcases upstairs and tried opening the door, and unfortunately, I could not get in. I was the first out of seven girls to get there, and I panicked as any other person would. I contacted one of my friends that lived by me to come and help me, and he came by with two of his roommates. No one could open the door! Soon, two of my roommates came by, and we tried again, but nothing happened. Finally, someone came to help us out, and we had been turning the key the wrong way! I guess it’s different here in Italy, but it was definitely a memorable experience.

Lopez, A - Rome - Fall 14

my first gelato

On the day of orientation, I was nervous (as any other student might be). Although, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I met new people and we bonded over the tour. I got to learn more about the SAI program as well as the students in the SAI program. I even got to see the Coliseum and the Cake! It was finally sinking it, I am in Italy!  It was amazing! Afterwards, I decided to take an Italian class. Even though I was extremely exhausted from all that walking at orientation, I still decided to go and learn some italiano! I saw some of my roommates there and again, met new people! I had nothing to worry about; everyone was so friendly and nice during that day. Slowly but surely I am becoming less anxious about studying abroad and getting used to the idea that this will be my home for the next few months.

Lopez, A - Rome - Fall 14

As far as everything else goes, I absolutely love my apartment! It’s spacious, and the view from our balcony in the kitchen is beautiful! Some of the things here are odd such as the flusher for the toilet, the windows, and showers (just to name a few) but I am in Italy, and it is completely different than New York. There are a lot of differences between Italy and New York. However, that’s one of the reasons I am here, to learn and experience a new culture, a new environment, new people, and of course, new food (especially the gelato and pasta)! I am looking forward to seeing and experiencing so much more here!

Lopez, A - Rome - Fall 14

view from the kitchen balcony

Lopez, A - Rome - Fall 14

the cake


Amber is a current student at Pace University studying at John Cabot University in Italy during the Fall 2014 term.

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