In the Blink of an Eye
Christian, Rome, Spring 2012
May 14, 2012

The last month came and went in a blink of an eye. My friend went from being in the middle of the best experience of our lives to having to say goodbye. The first week of April I took a trip to Corfu, Greece, which was the most beautiful place I have visited yet. From the beach to the mountains, it was an amazing sight to see. It definitely made me miss home though, as back in New Jersey I live right next to the beach. Greece also marked the end of my traveling as I would spend the last 3 weeks of my Study Abroad experience saying goodbye to Rome.

The second week of April my friend came to visit Rome so I gave him a tour of all the monuments. He studies in Florence and was amazed by how historic Rome was. It was really nice to see a friend from back home as I had not seen one since I left New Jersey. The highlight of the weekend was when we went to the Vatican at noon on Sunday to see the Pope. It was incredible to actually see the Pope in person. Not many people can say they heard a prayer from the Pope.

Staying the last few weeks in Rome allowed me to enjoy many of SAI’s inclusive activities such as wine tasting with Sergio Mottura, a bike tour down Appia Antica, and an Opera. All of these activities were very nice to have because I would not of done these activities other wise; and I’m glad I did. Reflecting back on my time in Italy, I realize that it is an experience that I can never repeat. To study in another country, another culture, was truly amazing. Studying Abroad really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the best decision I made so far in life was to take advantage of that opportunity.

Christian – University of South Carolina


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