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Erika, Rome, Spring 2014
March 6, 2014

Trevi at night

Trevi Fountain – This is my number one place because I think it is absolutely stunning. The fountain itself is so beautiful and the water rushing through drowns out everything around you. There is also really good gelato place around the Trevi. Tip: go at 3 in the morning; there is no one there and you can take awesome night pictures.

Gianicolo Hill – The stairs gong up to Gianicolo are right by my apartment. I love walking up the hill, there is one pretty monument and also are really pretty fountain on the way up. The view at the top is, I think, the most breathtaking view of Rome.

Pantheon – Another remarkable structure here in Rome. It is so massive and beautiful. It is also really neat on the inside! Also the place that has 150 flavors of gelato is right around the corer from the Pantheon. Tip: there are times when you can get in for free so make sure to look it up!

Tonys –  I’m not sure what the real name is but everyone calls it Tonys. It is really close to Tiber campus and it has really good food for very reasonable! I’m not sure if it was only us but we got free desert when my roommates and I ate there!

Altare della Patria

Altare della Patria

Altare della Patria – Such a stunning building. It is so huge, it just blows my mind that the Romans could build such massive buildings. Tip: Since this building is so massive it is a great reference point if you ever get lost on the other side of the bridge. Also the view from the top of the Altare della Patria is AMAZING.

St. Maria in Trastevere – This is the oldest church in Rome and it is right in my “back yard.” This church is just simply stunning!

construction on the Coliseum

construction on the Coliseum

Coliseum – HUGE HUGE HUGE building. It is so beautiful! Unfortunately while I am here they are doing reconstruction on one of the sides but it is still breath taking. Tip: When you want to buy tickets to go into the Coliseum buy them at the Roman Forum because the line at the Coliseum will take hours. The ticket at the Roman Forum and at the Coliseum will both get you into the Coliseum and the Forum. To beat waiting in line either buy the ticket at the Forum or on-line.

Alle Fratte Di Trastevere – This is a family run restaurant. The family is SO nice, I have actually gotten to know them pretty well. The food is authentic and at a very reasonable price. It is also one of the only restaurants that has bagels. They also have the BEST homemade brownies! Tip: Get to know the family because they will get you discounts and extra goodies.

Via del Corso – This is the famous shopping street in Rome. I love it. All the stores you could possible want are on this street! Tip: give yourself a budget or limit before starting to shop and stick to the limit! It is very easy to spend money on this street! Also when walking on this street it tends to be crowded so you have to be assertive.

my apartment

my apartment

My apartment – My apartment is my home here. I love it. It is my place to come back and chill out and relax. Tip: Get along with your roommates. If you have a problem with one of them just talk it out, don’t let it linger around!


Erica is a student at St. Norbert College studying at John Cabot University in Rome during the Spring 2014 term.

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