A Great Start
Ezra, Florence, Spring 2013
April 2, 2013

It’s official, after all he hustle of getting ready for a semester abroad in Florence the adventure has finally begun and I could not have asked for a better start.  Even the long and tiring plane ride was a success laughing and meeting friends along the way. I can honestly say that these past few days have lived up to the expectations of what a semester abroad in Florence would be like and to think it has only been one week!

Not knowing what to expect as far as housing was concerned I was pleasantly pleased upon arrival to my apartment not only because of the apartment but the gift we received as well. After settling in my roommates arrived and we quickly all realized how much fun this semester was going to be.  Despite the jetlag we figured 1st night in Florence we must go out, and so we pretty much roamed the city exploring some of the most beautiful scenery, streets, and churches that I have ever seen. The Ponte vecchio lit at night was masterful; unfortunately I was not able to get a picture. Thankfully, I still have a few months left here and I promise you one next time. The next few days we just went out exploring the city and I have a few pictures of some of what I thought were the highlights.

School has just begin and although I’m hoping it will be relatively easy so I can afford more time to travel, I’m also extremely excited to begin learning the Italian language and culture which will enable me to have better communication skills and interaction with the locals.  Overall, so far it has been even better then I imagined and can honestly say I’m looking forward to continuing my adventure and seeing what else this wonderful city has to offer. Until next time, Ciao!!!

– Ezra, Pace University

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