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Kira, Florence, Fall 2012
October 29, 2012

Classes have started and homework has begun to pile up. On the first days of class we went over the course syllabi, which only made me more excited for the coming months. We went over the scheduled museum and church visits and the research project. As a student in multiple art history classes I get to go to most of the places two or three times! Different professors and different classes mean that I get to hear different perspectives and focus on different things on each visit. The classes have proven to be exactly what I was hoping for!

My roommates and I have become really good friends and has made the cultural transitions much easier. We have a lot in common and have spent lots of time together exploring the city. We have been up to the Piazzale Michelangelo and through the San Lorenzo Market. We all went on the first weekend trip and had a chance to explore the two Archipelago Islands. We took a cruise out from the mainland and visited two of the islands. One of the islands was where the cruise ship hit ground earlier this year. It was incredible to see the massive ship sticking out of the water. I have never been so close to such a tragic accident and it is horrifying to thing of what those people went through that day.

Two weeks later I got to go with my Art History course to Pienza. Pienza is a small, quaint and beautiful city that is surrounded by the exquisite Tuscan countryside. It is where Pope Pious II was born in 1405. As Pope he decided to build the quintessential Renaissance town. He tore down part of the old town and built a Basillica, a city hall, a Palace for himself, and a bishop’s palace. Pienza is a unique example of pure Renaissance architecture and was a great addition to the curriculum.

Kira – University of Colorado, Denver


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