March in Sorrento
Olivia, Sorrento, Spring 2013
June 5, 2013

March, a great month where the first signs of Spring start to show and the halfway point (spring break!!!) is finally here. This month, I went to Spiaggia di Meta, the beach in a town called Meta, with an Italian friend from School, I went to a coffee factory and a mozzerella factory for field trips for school, and I managed to book and travel to three places for my spring break trip, all by myself!

I went to Casa del Caffe Giuseppe Maresca in Piano di Sorrento, a small town nearby, for a field trip! Just in case you didn’t know, if you order a coffee in Italy, what you’ll get is a single shot of espresso, to which most people add plenty of sugar. It is strong and delicious.

For another field trip this past Thursday, I was lucky enough to get to go to Caseificio Michaelangelo, a family-run cheese factory. It was both adorable and delicious! A nice young lady, Sara, was explaining everything to us and touring us around the factory while pointing out her Zio Guido and cousin Vincenzo working. ADORABLE! Then we got to eat a plate of cheese including fresh and smoked mozzerella bocconcini style, caciottina, regular and smoked provoloni, bruschetta with burro fresco (butter made from the milky water the cheese is made in), a Sorrentine favorite of mine, Caciocavallo, and many more.

Then, as we FINALLLLYYYYY had a day of sunshine, my Italian friend Serena and I drove to Meta to go to the beach. My host parents said the water is warm enough that even though it’s only 55-60 degrees, you can swim! I am not brave enough just yet though..I think I’ll wait for the 70′s.

Lastly, spring break! I traveled to Switzerland where I stayed in a small towns with cousins I had never before met and they were so incredibly sweet and hospitable, I had the most incredible experience. Also, I was speaking Italian (almost) the entire weekend, and it felt amazing! Next, I headed to Prague to stay with a friend from Chicago who is studying abroad. She showed me the Prague way and we visited their castle, had Mexican food (for the first time in over 2 months!!), and visited different neighborhoods while stopping at the Charles Bridge, John Lennon Wall, and more. Last, I headed to Paris on a WSA Europe trip, where I met a bunch of students studying in different places all over Europe and we bonded over Paris, primarily our love for the Eiffel tower and crepes, for a quick weekend, which rounded up my spring break. It was an incredible experience!

– Olivia, Columbia College Chicago


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