Let Me Fill You In
Olivia, Sorrento, Spring 2013
March 26, 2013

So I made it through the first two weeks and I can’t wait to continue on with this semester! It is shaping up to be such a great time full of incredible experiences. Le me fill you in:

I arrived two weeks ago today. The plane ride was not as awful as I was expecting, but the jet lag was much worse than I was expecting. I spent my first three days feeling exhausted and sleeping as much as possible. In the meantime, I was attending a welcome dinner, orientation, starting classes, meeting my family, and unpacking. It was a bit overwhelming, but I made it.

My classes so far are interesting (I am taking a full 17 credit load) with International Business, International Tourism, Strategic and Creative Problem Solving (this is my favorite so far…I come from an art school, after all), Italian 102/103, and an internship with the Sant’Anna school. It is going to be a busy but great courseload.

My living arrangement is easily my favorite part so far of being in Italy. I chose to do a homestay and I am living with a family: a mom, dad, a son who goes to school in Rome, a daughter my age, and a younger daughter. I LOVE THEM! They could not be more welcoming, kind, and helpful. They also let me ride on their scooter with them. They are, without a doubt, creating this experience for me and I know I am getting a much different, more unique, and more special experience than students living in a homestay.

I’m sure as the semester continues I will have more to fill you in on, until then, enjoy these photos!:

My host mom is determined to teach me to cook. Lesson one was mousse al cioccolato with pandoro (the cake on top).

On our way to school one morning (on the scooter!!!!) my host mom and I stopped to take this photo!

The view from my Italian classroom. It has been pretty overcast and rainy since I arrived but it’s still beautiful!

My favorite spot on my walk to school.

The Sant’Anna Institute Sorrento Lingue!

– Olivia, Columbia College Chicago

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