Last Blog in Florence
Hannah, Florence, Fall 2012
March 25, 2013

I cannot believe that I am actually sitting here writing my last blog entry for my time abroad in Florence!

November went by in the blink of an eye and that meant that there were only a few weeks to be had in December.

Looking back on this experience as a whole I am so thankful for all that I have learned.I feel like I have changed in so many good ways and grew as a person.Although at the beginning times were a little hard, I think it was necessary for me to deal with because in the end it has only allowed me to grow.

Florence is such an amazing and beautiful place and while I am sad to be leaving I am excited for what I have to look forward to on my journey in life.Florence will always be here and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be back someday, maybe even sooner than later.

Italian culture and the lifestyle here is something that we can all learn from.While Italians may be extremely animated or loud, they never stress out about things.Stress is something that always seems to get the best of us in the States, but from my time here I have learned that everything will always get done.

One thing you also learn here in Florence is how to be more assertive.It’s definitely something you need here in order to just get around town! When it comes to walking every day you have to be assertive or you will never get anywhere.One of the young men at my favorite pizza place here in Florence gave me some advice that has really stuck with me.He told me that I just needed to go for it, or else someone else will.Learning to be more assertive and stand up for myself more are two of the most important things I have gained since being in Florence.

Studying abroad truly has been a life changing experience and I am so grateful for the life I created for myself here.I have done some amazing things, learned a lot about myself and grew as a person, and made memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life.I am proud of myself for all that I have accomplished and I am so thankful for the beautiful city of Florence and all the people here that have made my time here so exceptional.

– Hannah, Colorado State University


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