Getting Lost is Never Frustrating
Elisa, Rome, Spring 2012
January 30, 2012

The minute I walked through the streets of Trastevere, I knew that choosing to live and study in Rome, Italy was an incredible choice. The streets of Rome are so inviting to any foreigner, with interesting monuments, ancient ruins and a beautiful river that distinguishes this city from any other in the world. Rome is also relatively larger than the other cities in Italy, which I see as a great advantage. There’s always so much to see within Rome and new things to do every week. And getting lost is never frustrating because you’ll find something new to appreciate at every corner.

I’ve been so impressed by the superior care and attention that SAI has provided the students in this program. The accommodations organized by the program were far greater than I had expected. All eight of us in the apartment have grown extremely close and are all beyond satisfied with the arrangements made by the program. SAI also really impressed me with their careful handling of all the proper documentations, organization of inclusive events, and assistance with any kind of additional questions and services one might require. Unlike other students that I’ve met here in alternative programs, I definitely feel safe with SAI here and have complete assurance that I’m in great hands.

It’s only been 3 weeks, but this city feels like home for me. Everyday, I have been learning more about this city, the culture, the people, and myself. I have very quickly grown so accustomed to this city as I’ve already found my favorite cafe for my morning cappuccinos, my reading spot along the Tiber River, the scenic routes for weekly runs, and local restaurants with some of the greatest Italian dishes I’ve had in my life! The environment in Rome has also made classes at John Cabot University so intriguing and learning much more motivating. I am reminded daily of the unique experience that I have been blessed with and am so excited for these next few months to unfold.

Elisa – University of California, Los Angeles

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