The Sun Shouts the Loudest at Mid Day
Sorrento, Fall 2011
October 19, 2011

When doing some research about Sorrento I found a quote about mythical creatures who were said to dwell in the waters here and  in other areas in the Mediterranean. Sir Henry Taylor said that “No siren did ever so charm the ear of the listener as the listening ear has charmed the soul of the siren”.

I feel that this quote describes many of the features of this area because the geography almost seems to take pleasure in the fact that people come from all over to marvel at its beauty.

Here on the Amalfi Coast the sun shouts the loudest at mid day, lighting its land for all to see and reaching its rays to every corner of the ocean. In the distance Mt. Vesuvius is a giant mountain peak in the middle of the sea that seems to gaze at the city with a sort of proud, elegant posture. The towering cliffs nod towards the sea displaying their impeccable view above the world. The waves gently bump against the cliffs, flirtatiously inviting the inhabitants from above to a cool afternoon swim. Every aspect of the landscape takes pleasure in being marveled at and stands taller or shines brighter with each breath they take away.

The house I am staying at has an great view of the ocean and Mt. Vesuvius and is less than a five minute walk to the beach, which I’ve been to almost everyday since I arrived. I share a room with my 24 year old host sister who is very nice. We already get along very well and neither of us is really a morning person so we’re quite compatible. Across the hall, all the way from California is Kayla, the other SAI student and as she says “We are basically attached at the hip.” Signora Teresa Izzo is the landlady and the feisty little mama of the house. Communicating with her is a joy and much like playing charades. It is very clear that she shows her love though the food she makes, and she shows us a lot of love with a multi course dinner every night.

The food has been very good in my host home and when I’ve been out to eat. It is possible to get bad food in Italy….however in Sorrento, I’m not so sure. Wether fresh fish, fresh lemon juice or home made gelato everything has been exceedingly tasty….especially the pizza.

With good eats and amazing views, it is no surprise that the people here are just as pleasant. Sweaty and lost, I was wondering the streets of Sant’Angello at noon and asked a woman for directions. I’ve been in situations where I was  asked for money in exchange for directions, ignored when inquiring about where I was and I’m pretty sure at times I’ve been told bad directions on purpose. Here, a friendly stranger put me in her car and not only did she proceed to look for my house but she asked for “five” minutes of my time so she could drive by her favorite areas of town to encourage me visit them, and then drove me to my house. Overall the people and the area have greatly impressed me.

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