Taylor, Rome, Spring 2013
June 4, 2013

This was my last full month abroad, and I made sure to squeeze everything in that I could! I finished up all my papers and presentations, which was a huge relief, and now I just have to survive finals week. A few weekends ago I met up with my mom in London, which was great. We saw Lion King from the second row, road the London Eye, and took a tour of the London Tower. London is a city you need a few weeks in to visit now that I really think about it. The UK in general was my favorite place to visit because the people were so friendly!

It’s funny the little things you miss when you’re away from home though. For instance, I have a new found appreciation for concrete sidewalks and streets. Cobblestone and my klutzy nature are not friends. I also will most likely take an hour long hot shower when I get home after living in constant fear of the shower suddenly getting cold and taking army showers. Mostly, what I’m trying to say is being abroad has shown me a lot of things I take for granted, so it was certainly a positive experience.

The reverse culture shock I’m sure is going to be interesting as well now being used to showing up 30 minutes late to things, eating dinner for 3 hours and not being able to shop between the hours of 1 and 4 pm. Walmart is a beautiful thing, but I’m going to miss all the various little shops that specialize in cheese, or meat, or limoncello. I can’t wait to see my brother, my dogs and my dad, and of course I will spend an entire week with my best friend Allison. I’m hoping over the next year to road trip around the States to see all the wonderful friends I have made here in Italy, once I remember how to drive a car again of course. Thank you SAI for making everything possible and my experience here in Rome wonderful!

– Taylor, University of South Carolina


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