The Nonna Flora Cooking Experience
Harley, Sorrento, Spring 2024
February 6, 2024

Instead of a lecture for my human nutrition class, we had a cooking class experience, just a five-minute walk from Sant’Anna. The woman who runs it uses her Nonna’s recipes that her mom taught her.

First, we made homemade tiramisu so that it would be ready after dinner!

First, we made the tiramisu since it has to be refrigerated for at least two hours before consuming. This was cool because we learned a new way without using eggs like the way that we learned at school in the cooking club a few weeks ago. Instead of eggs, we used condensed heavy cream and whipped cream. This recipe was super easy too and tasted more authentic than the way I learned originally with the eggs.

To start the pasta we made a big circle in the flour then cracked an egg into the middle and then added the flour in a little at a time.

Next, we got to make our homemade pasta. In the fourth photo, you can see the dough rise back into place when you press down on it, which is how you know if it needs any more rolling and folding. Such a unique experience because the specific pasta machine we used to flatten out the dough was the Nonna’s so it’s over 70 years old.

Hangout & had an apertivo while the pasta dough sat.

The pasta noodles itself were only flour and an egg (1 egg for every 1/2 cup of flour) and then we used semolina to make it easier to roll out the dough, which is why pasta noodles are sometimes white and floury.

Using a pasta guitar to shape the noodles.

The second tool is called a pasta guitar, so fascinating & satisfying! The noodles were cooked in a pot and then added into a pan with the tomato sauce, garnished with a piece of basil and fresh parmigiana. I learned that oregano should never be used in a sauce to dress a pasta and onion & garlic should not be used together as their flavors together can overpower & make an unbalanced taste. Would definitely recommend looking into another cooking class with this place if you plan to visit Sorrento!

Ready to dig in!

Written by: Harley, Spring 2024 Sorrento student from University of South Carolina

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