Things To Do In Rome Around Christmas
Rachael, Fall 2022, Rome
December 16, 2022

Christmas season is here and ever since I knew I was studying abroad in Rome, I wanted to see Rome during Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I was very curious to see how Italians celebrate their Christmas. Rome has so many different attractions and activities that are perfect for seeing the holiday’s magic.

Trastevere Decorations

Christmas Markets in Rome. There is a large Christmas market located at Piazza Navona that starts in December and goes until January. The piazza is filled with stalls where people sell Christmas decorations, toys, gifts, and seasonal treats. There is even a carousel for kids to go on and a lot of street musicians play their music at the event. Christmas markets are a staple in Europe, so to have one right in Rome is perfect!

Christmas Market Gifts

Enjoy the city lights and decorated monuments in Rome. The lights that are decorated throughout Rome’s streets will get you in the Christmas spirit instantly. The best areas to see Christmas lights are near the Spanish Steps, Trastevere, or Via Del Corso.

Christmas Carousel at Xmas Market

Christmas Trees are my favorite part about Christmas, so I got very excited when I found out that Rome has a giant Christmas tree right next to the Colosseum. It is a breathtaking view to see the decorated tree right in front of the Colosseum. If you haven’t visited the Colosseum yet, then it is the perfect opportunity to visit the Christmas tree, and after you can take a tour of the Colosseum inside.

The Botanical Gardens in Rome from Mid-November to January has light art throughout the gardens entitled Incanto di Luci. It has a breathtaking view of Christmas lights that are made into art. They wrap around plants and trees from the garden. You have to buy tickets online, but it is for young kids and adults. It is a very enchanting experience that Rome offers during the Christmas season.

Botanical Garden Light Display

Written by Rachael, Fall 2022 Rome student from Winona State University

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