Top 10 Travel Tips
Caroline Bronston, SAI Ambassador
February 4, 2015

Caroline Broston is an SAI Ambassador who studied at Florence University of the Arts (FUA) in Spring 2014. She now promotes SAI and studying abroad at her home university, Muhlenberg College.

Carrie B - Ambassador

#10 LAUNDRY IN FLORENCE One of the many things that makes Florence unique. Get ready to authentically dry your clothes the Italian way! If you need to dry your clothes, there are great laundromats, but I recommend drying the old fashion way until you forget to bring your clothes in and it rains.

#9 PACK LIGHT! Easier said than done, but think…do you really need that hair dyer? Or rain boots that take up so much room? The moment you get to your destination buy a pair of cheap rain boots for 12€ or less so you have more room in your suitcase and a lighter load.

#8 BUDGET As much as we all wish money grew on trees, it doesn’t. So to help you save some cash, make a list of items/souvenirs you know you would like to purchase for yourself. Include certain destinations to the list so you can get an idea of where you plan to spend all your money. This might look overwhelming but trust me this will help you stay organized.

Carrie B - Ambassador

#7 DON’T USE TINY WALLETS I recommend a borsa (above) because they can fit euros, franks, any currency really. Whatever the currency may be, use a borsa; they hold everything so you don’t have to worry about an exploding small wallet and loose money floating about. To keep it organized in there bring a smaller wallet too that fits inside the larger zipper pouch to hold important cards. The examples shown above are the large borsa pouches that are available at jcrew and great pre-departure gifts!

Carrie B - Ambassador

#6 EAT AND TRY NEW THINGS I know we all still feel that Thanksgiving meal and have leftovers for days, but that hasn’t stopped me from remembering some of the fresh, gourmet, mouth watering meals my friends and I have had while we were abroad. Treat yourself to some classic one of a kind dishes wherever you go. Whether it’s a new gelato flavor, or a home cooked meal with fresh ingredients, or the greatest tiramisu of your life, or enjoying a meal at a restaurant, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. But if a certain plate happens to not be your cup of tea, it’s okay because while it had the potential to become your new favorite food or dessert, you wouldn’t have known unless you tried. And don’t worry about a few lbs because you will walk it all off exploring your city, your home! Don’t be shy and dig in!

Carrie B - Ambassador

#5 KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Nervous about getting lost? Don’t worry take a deep breath and roll with the punches. You’re going to become the best problem solver, have a greater sense of independence and responsibility! Keep calm and travel on! Start getting excited spring semester your journey starts soon!

#4 SEE YOUR CITY! See the country and city you are living in! Your time abroad goes by in a flash. Make sure you leave time and weekends to also see the incredible city you are living in! Yes this is a great opportunity to travel but it’s important to explore the place you might just call your home away from home.

Carrie B - Ambassador

#3 MAKING FRIENDS Making friends that will become much more than just the best travel buddies–– My time abroad wouldn’t be what it was if it wasn’t for these groups of girls. I know that our friendship will last forever and we will have many more adventures together!

Carrie B - Ambassador

#2 Make sure you’re IN YOUR PICTURES! The memories will last forever and having pics will help you keep those memories alive. They will definitely be something you will want to look back on as will family members who want to see how much fun YOU were having. So take some selfies and show off that smile!

Carrie B - Ambassador

#1 JOURNAL YOUR TIME Journal your time, remember your memories AND HAVE FUN. Bringing a small notebook to write or doodle in or even buying cheep postcards from different cities will not only be great souvenirs but a great way to help remember your adventures. Enjoy and love every minute of it! Trust me it will be so nice to look back on of all the places you have been! BONVOYAGE safe travels ✈ #SAIsaturdaytraveltips.

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