Top 11 Restaurants in Trastevere, Rome
Darian, SAI Ambassador
March 8, 2016

Disclaimer: Alcohol consumption in Europe is NOT the same as it is in America. Italians simply drink wine, etc. to enjoy it or be social, so any suggestions for beer or wine here are simply for encouragement of enjoying a cultural luxury!

Dar Poeta

Dar Poeta: Great pizza and authentic feel from the people and the food! If you go and you don’t try the Nutella calzone you’re not living!

Il Duca

Il Duca: Small and precious restaurant with a family-owned feel, the tiramisu and all pastas dishes are to die for! An Italian specialty is fried zucchini flower, they have it as an appetizer there and it’s amazing! (The artichoke is also awesome)


Tony’s: They are very friendly towards Americans, and will give you samples or small appetizers to try the food! Not extremely authentic but worth the trip!


Bacco: Their carbonara is AMAZING, I would go there once every two weeks or so and couldn’t get enough of it. Also, they sell a local Lazio white wine there that’s great for a warm spring/summer day, it’s called: Capolemole – Bianco by Marco Carpineti. Lastly, it has really cute little different colored chairs and at night they turn on Christmas lights, so it’s a great date night place☺

G-bar Buds

The gang headed to GBar

G-Bar: It’s THE American bar to go there and they favor John Cabot kids, but it’s a ton of fun and the DJ is normally good and go with a big group! Many memories were made here!

Night out at Scholars

Scholars bar

Scholars: Irish pub with karaoke every Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday and sometimes will have a live performer, great time for St. Patrick’s Day!

Shari Vari

Shari Vari: One of the best clubs in Rome, LOTS of good dance music, but it gets super crowded! It’s usually best for being the last stop on a bar crawl. PS: Only go Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays aren’t as fun!

Romolo inside garden


Romolo: This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants, it has an indoor garden and it’s beautiful! The food is amazing; my favorites are the sautéed clams and the arrabbiata and amatriciana! Great for a family dinner, date night or girls night out! Also a great location, just around the corner from John Cabot Guarini campus, the heart of Trastevere!

Gianni’s Pizza: This is a little by-the-slice pizza shop in the middle of Trastevere as well, the broccoli and sausage pizza will melt in your mouth and it’s a quick bite between classes, on the way back to your apartment, or pre-shopping spree!

Bir & Fud

Bir & Fud: Okay, if you like burgers and a good glass of beer to go along with it, this place will be your home. It’s an awesome place to chill after class and hang out with friends over a burger, also very central in Trastevere! Also, fun fact, their potato wedges are completely fresh every time!


Giolitti: As always, save the best for last, DESSERT. Giolitti’s is the most famous gelato shop in Rome! Just a few minute walk away from the Pantheon, so if you want to quench your sweet tooth and enjoy some gorgeous architecture this is your place! PS: you have to buy your ticket before you get in line for your gelato, this isn’t optional so don’t get in line without one!

Peace and Blessings my future Romans!

“Il dolce far niente.” ~The sweetness of doing nothing~


Darian Gilley

Darian Gilley, Baylor University

I spent my spring semester of 2015 in Rome, Italy. For five months I was able to travel to several different areas of Europe, including France, Germany, Spain and other areas of Italy such as Florence, Tuscany, Pompeii, Naples. etc. I’ve never truly felt like I belonged anywhere until I stepped into Rome and it became my sanctuary, a place where I was able to discover myself. Rome stole my heart, changed my perspective on love, gave me a newfound independent and free-living spirit, opened my eyes to a new culture, taught me a new language, and above all, showed me how to live in the moment and to never look back. I was able to immerse myself in new cultures and broaden my perspective on the world through a unique experience I will never forget. This journey will forever be a huge part of who I am and I remain anxious for my return, I can only hope that it will be a permanent one.

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