When in Rome
Mariana, SAI Ambassador, 2019
August 23, 2019

Sunset in Barcelona

What was your favorite thing to do in your host city?

My favorite thing to do while I was studying abroad in Rome, Italy was to take a passeggiata, or stroll, in the evenings. I would discover the most charming neighborhoods in Italy and would always find a new gelato shop!

Ceiling of Saint Peter’s Basilica

What travel tips would you give someone studying abroad?

My biggest travel tips would be to try to plan your trips as far ahead of time as possible. Make sure the websites you’re using for flights and hostels are real! My roommates and I had lots of problems with flights not being confirmed and we almost got stuck in Greece! Check out the cheapest flights departing from your host city. Don’t be afraid to travel to a country you did not think you’d go to! Also, always travel in groups and be safe! Solo travel is amazing as well if you feel confident enough.

The Colosseum

Tiny Streets of Rome

What was your favorite class abroad and why?

My favorite class abroad would definitely be my Business Management class. It was so interesting to learn about Business in a European class with an Italian teacher. We talked about the market in Europe, which is something I did not learn much about in the US. I also loved the diversity of my classroom. I heard perspectives from students from all over the world! I also learned a lot about the market in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East since we were geographically close to those places and they affected Europe so much.

Riad in Morocco

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

Mariana was a Spring 2019 Rome student from Belmont University.

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