What I Will Remember From Paris
Zhuyun, Paris, Spring 2016
May 2, 2016

La Seine (Seine River) is a long and important river in the north of France. I love the views around the Seine. So many trees are planted on both sides. I can see so many palaces to the north of the river, the Eiffel Tower to the west of the river and a view of Notre Dame. I enjoy the moment when I walk along the river, the wind following me. I overlook the unknown matters in the far distance. Standing on the bridge to feel the dance between the wind and the river, the intimacy between the heaven and the river, and the emotion between human beings and the river, all inspire me to miss home.

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Angelina’s is a tea room that serves all different kinds of cakes and desserts. It is located on the north side of the street to Le Louvre. They are famous for Le Chocolat Chaud l’ Africain and the Mont-Blanc. Personally, I do not really like sweet things, therefore, I did not really enjoy them. However, I am falling in love with their Joconde. It is not sweet but it is elegant and delicious. I remember the first time I tried it, I finished it within one minute. I just love it so much! The environment is neat and elegant. I feel sweet and comfortable as I sit there.
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 Seeing buses around Paris is normal. Usually people take metros, buses and trains to get places. They are ordinary transportations around Paris, but the bus is not ordinary for me. I enjoy riding from the first stop to the last, and then the last stop to the first. Sitting on the bus, I can brazenly see people coming and going and discover a sense of belonging in my heart.



Beauty is around everywhere during spring time in Paris. Parc de Seceaux is my favorite place to go during spring or before. Green grasses, trees, fountains and other nature are in this park. They sing the harmony that welcomes spring. I can quietly listen to the song of the nature and throw all my worries and puzzles away. I can let my brain take a wonderful and peaceful break.

Zhuyun is a current student at Cedar Crest College studying at The American University of Paris in France during the Spring 2016 term.

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