A Day in the Life of SAI Florence
Jenica, Florence, Spring 2016
March 22, 2016

We handed over our Instagram to a few students this month and asked them to take us through their day in their host city. This is Jenica’s day in Florence (March 17, 2016).

Jenica S - Spring 16 - Florence


My name is Jenica Sounart and I’ll be taking over for the day! I am currently a sophomore studying Hospitality Management at Colorado State University & am here in Florence as a culinary arts student. Today is my last day before Intersession (spring break) which means I have 2 finals so it’s going to be a fun one!

Jenica S - Spring 16 - Florence

Getting one last study session in before class! This place does amazing latte art, we got tiramisu cappuccinos and they were delicious!

Jenica S - Spring 16 - Florence

First class of the day: Breads of Italy and Specialty Breads. For our final we had to make Pane al Latte. I think it went well! Going to miss eating tons of bread every morning…

Jenica S - Spring 16 - Florence

Ever had italian hot chocolate? It’s wonderful. Finished my Tradition of Italian Food final and celebrated with this. Spring break is here!

Jenica S - Spring 16 - Florence

I probably have about 50 different pictures of this bridge but I absolutely love it. Enjoying Florence before I leave it for the next 10 days for break!


Jenica is a current student at Colorado State University studying at Florence University of the Arts (FUA) in Italy, during the Spring 2016 term.

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