A Day in the Life of SAI Sorrento
Claire, Sorrento, Fall 2015
October 14, 2015

We handed over our Instagram to a few students this month and asked them to take us through their day in their host city. This is Claire’s day in Sorrento (October 14, 2015).

Claire M - Sorrento - Fall 15

Buongiorno! My name is Claire and I’m so excited to show you all what a day in Sorrento, Italy is like. I’m a senior from the University of Mary Washington in Virginia, and this semester, I’m studying at @stannainstitute in Sorrento, and loving every minute! This picture was taken this morning from the balcony of my host home. I wake up to this gorgeous view every single day!

Claire M - Sorrento - Fall 15

Breakfast is provided every day by my sweet host parents, Adele and Enzo. Today was the usual: un cornetto e un caffè. Enzo’s coffee is the absolute best, and the croissants are great with a little Nutella! We had an extra surprise today- pomegranate juice, freshly pressed from the family’s garden. It was amazing! And now it’s off to school!

Claire M - Sorrento - Fall 15

This is the view from the student lounge at my school. There’s a great breeze from the ocean, and lots of great seafood places down on the marina.

Claire M - Sorrento - Fall 15

This is the salumeria where I get lunch most days. You pick the fresh ingredients and they make a sandwich for you. Today I got a caprese sandwich (fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and balsamic)

Claire M - Sorrento - Fall 15

Mount Vesuvius is across the bay of Naples from Sorrento. This volcano is currently active, though it hasn’t erupted in a while. It’s famous for covering the ancient city of Pompeii in ash and rock, preserving it perfectly for thousands of years! We visited Pompeii last week and it was incredible and very eerie.

Claire M - Sorrento - Fall 15

It wouldn’t be Italia without that pre-dinner gelato trip with my friends! This gelateria is conveniently on my route home from school after class. It’s also the first gelateria I visited when I arrived in August!

Claire M - Sorrento - Fall 15

The lovely Sant’Anna Institute is located in a historic building on a cliff above the Marina Grande. 

Claire M - Sorrento - Fall 15

Dinner with my roommate! Our host mom made us a primo (first course) of pasta with sausage, and a secondo of fried pork chops, carrots, and eggplant. Finished it off with a fresh peach for dessert. If we don’t eat enough, we get scolded by our Italian mama. We’re loving the host family experience!

Claire M - Sorrento - Fall 15

Thank you all for following a day in Sorrento! This beautiful town and it’s unique and welcoming people have won my heart entirely. I’m loving my home away from home, and I hope you enjoyed the little taste of Southern Italy. Buona serata!


Claire is a current student at University of Mary Washington studying at Sant’Anna Institute in Italy during the Fall 2015 term.

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