A Nice Time in France
Bridgette, Florence, Spring 2019
April 3, 2019

Behold: The Coastline of Nice

For spring break my roommates and I decided that we needed to travel to a destination full of nothing but, peace, quiet, and the beach; so to Nice, France we embarked. Our expectations for the week were surpassed, for never have I been to a place that soothed my soul in such a way.

Seagulls swoop over the beach dwellers at sunset.

The vibe of relaxation was apparent from the start, when we boarded our flight to Nice from Rome. Travel was smooth as could be, complete with smiling flight attendants and no snafus with our luggage. As we descended from the clouds my breathing caught from the sight of the shoreline of the French Riviera.

La Negresco: Nice’s most photographed beach side hotel

Boats cruised on sparkling blue waters below, the shoreline was peppered with palm trees, and colorful beach houses were stacked up like macaroons on the hillside. In awe I wondered to myself what I did to deserve to go to place so beautiful.

Daily Beach-side Readings


Once we checked into our Bed & Breakfast we headed for the beach. As we walked around the corner, the fresh scent of salt water, tanning lotion, and the sun filled our noses. Locals passed us by, all dressed in a formal yet relaxed manner and walked as if they had not a care in the world. Finally, we reached Nice’s renowned boardwalk. Having expected it to be crowded, I was pleased to discover that people were scarce. Those who were there sat on benches while reading the daily newspaper or sat on the rocky shores chatting with their companions while staring off into the distant sea. Runners and cyclists by in their respective lanes, but they too brought an aura of peace along with them.

Even the dogs are happy in Nice!

This was how we spent our spring break. Relaxing with the equally relaxed locals by the shore, having delicious meals while being serenaded by gypsy jazz bands, and enjoying the fresh air of the French Riviera. We gawked at yachts floating lazily in the harbor and wondered aloud to one another about who they could belong to. When we felt sudden bursts of energy we took lackadaisical strolls up Castle Hill to reach the highest lookout point on the shore of Nice. Here we would stand and gaze over the picturesque scenery, while letting out a sigh or two of complete satisfaction.

Arrivals to Paradise

When it was time to depart from my newfound love, Nice, I didn’t feel sad. I felt complete. For I had the experience of a lifetime in one of the world’s most sought after vacation destinations. My time there gave my mind a complete vacation, which allowed me to think of things that a busy mind doesn’t have the time for. While swimming in the water I thought of favorite childhood memories, like playing in the mud with my siblings without a care in the world. I was able to see my future clearer than ever before, and realized that I am where I need to be in my life. But, most importantly I was able to appreciate the little things, like the sound the rocks made as the tide pulled them back along the shore. So, no I didn’t feel sad when my plane lifted from the seaside runway and pulled up into the clouds; instead I laid back, closed my eyes, and smiled at thought of what is still yet to come.

Castle Beach

Bridgette was a Spring 2019 Florence student from Washington State University.

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