Abroad Reflection
Emily, Florence, Fall 2016
January 11, 2017

After the dozens of weekend trips, studying for finals, and packing away everything from the past four months, it’s finally time to go back to the United States. It’s difficult to summarize all the amazing experiences, memories, and friends that I have made while abroad.  During these past four months, I’ve experienced some of the most beautiful places and have gotten to live in a European culture. I have gotten to meet some of the most genuine, interesting, and memorable people abroad. I’ve been able to travel to seven different countries, dozens of cities, and been able to see how beautiful the world is.



When I was abroad, I never had any culture shock, for me the only culture shock that I’ve experienced has been after being abroad. Coming back to the United States after having spent four months in Europe has been more challenging than I thought it would be. Living in Europe is a lot different than living in the United States and it has taken some time to get adjusted to an American lifestyle.


               Santorini, Greece

It has been very sad saying goodbye to the friends that I’ve met, Florence, and my abroad experience. But this is only the beginning of my journey and I’ll be back in Europe soon enough. Thank you Florence and SAI for such an amazing adventure!




Emily is a Lasell College student who spent the Fall 2016 semester at Florence University of the Arts.

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