An Adventure in Abruzzo
Alyssa, Rome, Fall 2018
November 6, 2018

These photos highlight SAI’s excursion to Abruzzo from September 14th to the 16th. This was by far my favorite trip I’ve taken so far–who wouldn’t love horseback riding, eating on the ocean, and taking a self-guided tour through a castle in the mountains? The region of Abruzzo certainly is a hidden gem, with its gorgeous scenery, unforgettable food, and charming historical towns. 

The Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere, which we could walk through and admire.


A full view of the beautiful hillside of Pacentro


One of the many adorable window boxes in Pacentro


Our appetizer, the first dish of our four-hour meal


La Punta Isolata, a traditional wooden fishing pier where we had a seven-course meal of seafood


A charming corner spotted on a walking tour through Pacentro


A beach on the Trabocchi coast where we spent the day

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