Piazza Santa Croce
Sarah, SAI Ambassador
November 7, 2018

We caught up with SAI Ambassador Sarah, who recently gave us a look at her time in the beautiful city of Florence.  

I studied abroad in Florence and it was the greatest decision I could have ever made. The beautiful cobblestone, magnificent churches, and the gorgeous Arno River, how could I not fall in love? I lived right by the Santa Croce Church and the front had a large, open area where people would come to take pictures, people watch, and listen to the music of local street performers. I walked past the piazza everyday and it was always my favorite sight.

Ditta Artigianale stole our hearts and filled our bellies with the best cafe lattes in town

I used to study at a coffee shop right down the street called, Ditta Artigianale, with my best friend I met abroad. We would spend hours drinking our cafe lattes, eating cupcakes, and listening to the local Italians. We would always be sad to leave, but know we would be right back the next day.

If you ever want to see the most breath-taking view in the world, hike to the Piazzale de Michelangelo in Florence

My favorite part of the day was walking home through the beautiful streets. I lived two minutes from the coffee shop, but I found a new way home every night. I just couldn’t get myself to leave all the action. I would wind around to the Duomo or take a stroll on the Ponte Veccio. I found every excuse to walk around the city before going home for the night.

Piazza de Santa Croce, where people fall in love with my city

I spend countless nights sitting on a bench in the Santa Croce piazza, watching the people fall in love with my city. I would hear children running home, restaurants closing for the night, and watch people take in the beauty of the church. I would sit for hours and watch the world around me. I loved watching the beauty of what Florence could do.  I sometimes think back to the nights at that piazza and would give anything to live those peaceful, beautiful moments all over again.

Sarah was an SAI Florence spring 2018 student from the University of Missouri.

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