Before You Go: Prepare with a Virtual Program
May 26, 2020

If you are planning to study abroad, consider taking an online course (or multiple!) through SAI’s virtual programs before you go. Virtual courses are quickly becoming commonplace in today’s academic culture. The online platform offers students the opportunity to fulfill requirements for other classes or to engage in a topic of interest – all from the comfort and safety of their own home. SAI offers a variety of virtual programs that can be tailored to your interests and academic needs.

Photo by Ariana Scherbauer, FUA Fall 2019

The many benefits to taking a virtual class prior to your term abroad include:

An introduction to your host city and university
If you would like a taste of your future time abroad, there is no better way than participating in an online course. You will get to know your host city and university during a virtual orientation. Classes will be facilitated by an international professor, which will give you an idea of the pace of lessons and teaching styles that you will experience once abroad. It is important to consider that the European style of academics can vary greatly from the American style to which you are accustomed. Whether it be a language class or content course, you will receive a unique introduction to your soon-to-be host institution and country.

Study abroad expenses can add up quickly, so taking advantage of a virtual course through SAI prior to your term abroad can be a cost effective option. Virtual courses are offered through SAI starting at $850 for a 3-credit course (Siena Italian Studies). An online class can provide not only an introduction to your host city, but can also give you more financial flexibility when you arrive. Take a look at our Summer 2020 Virtual Programs blog for more information on pricing.

Photo courtesy of FUA

Fulfill prerequisites
There may be a course you would like to take while abroad, but it requires a certain level of language or a prerequisite. SAI virtual courses are a good opportunity to fulfill this requirement or to establish a basic level of the local language. This is a great option to pick up some key phrases in your host country’s language – after all, you will want to know how to order a coffee once you arrive! The SAI virtual platform will offer you an individualized experience all while fulfilling academic requirements and credits.

Student online at UAB

SAI currently offers virtual courses through 7 of our partner universities throughout Italy and in Barcelona. Venture over to our Summer 2020 Virtual Programs blog to explore these options further.

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