Business Programs to Take While Studying Abroad
Ralph, SAI Programs Academic Relations Manager
May 29, 2024

SAI Programs has a large variety of course offerings but one of the most common areas you’ll find across many of our programs are Business, Marketing, and Management related disciplines.  Whether you have a specific industry of business you aspire to break into or an independent entrepreneurial plan, a study abroad experience will equip you with skills and experience for success.  Below are a few reasons to consider studying abroad with SAI as a Business related student.  SAI courses in Business also extend to specific industries including Fashion, Real Estate, and Wine.


Reason to study abroad with SAI as a Business student.

  • Expanded Cultural Sensitivity
    • Having a study abroad experience with SAI will allow students to enhance cross-cultural communication skills which is crucial for success based on the diversity of culture amongst clients/customers, partners, colleagues, and other relevant stakeholders.  
  • Exposure to Different Business Practices
    • Many courses with SAI Programs will be contextualized to the location you are studying in.  Learning about business operations in another country will allow students to better understand different types of strategies, management styles, and market environments.  
  • Networking Opportunities
    • Based on the highly globalized cities of many SAI locations, students have the opportunity to expand their global network including degree seeking students, professors, and professionals which may lead to opportunities for internships or even job offers.


SAI Business Course List Sample


Florence University of the Arts (Full Course List)

  • Principles of Real Estate Management
  • Wine Communications and Marketing
  • Strategic Fashion Marketing

John Cabot University (Full Course List)

  • Made in Italy: The Italian Business Environment
  • International Management
  • International Business Law

UCSC (Full Course List)

  • The Economics of the European Integration
  • Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship: the Italian Perspective
  • Luxury Business Insights



UPF (Full Course List)

  • Doing Business in Europe
  • International Product Management


Written by: Ralph, SAI Programs Academic Relations Manager

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