Inspiring Creativity: SAI Webinar Series

SAI’s vision, “Inspiring Creativity“, speaks to our aim to provide rewarding educational experiences through a combination of personalized services and high quality academics. During Spring 2022, SAI highlighted our commitment to creativity through a series of webinars and virtual info sessions featuring faculty from SAI’s European partner institutions, as well as SAI alumni.

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Top Ten Things to do in London

Emma, London, Fall 2017

London is modern, magical, and massive. A traveler could spend a year in the city and still not see everything. However, there are a few things that you MUST do upon your first visit here. 1. Take a morning walk past Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. The city architects were very gracious to tourists when they designed these beautiful structures in close proximity to each other! 2.

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Weasley’s Wizarding Weekend: Harry Potter’s London

Kate Pitts, SAI Univ. & Student Relations Manager

36 years ago today (July 31, 1980) the #1 song on the Billboard charts was Magic by Olivia Newton John. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that both J.K. Rowling and her famous character, Harry Potter, were also born on July 31st (1965 and 1980, respectively). What better way to celebrate the birthday of the two biggest names in the wizarding world than with a Harry Potter adventure?

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Favorite Markets in London

Kelsey, SAI Ambassador

London is a magical city, composed of unique and historical neighborhoods, each with their own vibe and culture. My favorite way to get to know any new city is through food and through people and my favorite way to get to know London was through it’s markets. There are a multitude of markets scattered around the city center, even lovely ones in Greenwich.

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My Ten Favorite Spots

Alexa, London, Fall 2014

After experiencing some of the most fabulous places in London, I found it very difficult to narrow down my ten favorite spots. My most cherished places in London include restaurants, music venues, museums, and many more. Brick Lane: I fell in love with Brick Lane the moment I stepped out of the tube station. The area is filled with hidden gems. You are guaranteed to find a store that tickles your fancy.

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Little Known London

One of the most fun ways to get to know the UK, as hermetic as it may sound at first, is to experience its TV and Radio culture. One of the best places to get that experience up close and personal without becoming a total couch potato is to be in the audience at any number of filmings and audio recordings all over the city for the national television and radio stations.

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