Considering a Gap Study Abroad Program?
May 18, 2020

For all the uncertainty in the world today, one thing seems clear for many recent high school graduates.  As most college campuses will allow you to defer for a year, meaning you can roll admission over to the following school year, it’s time to consider a gap year. Waiting a year may be the best move in order to ensure you get at least some portion of the traditional college freshman experience, both academically and socially.

Deferring for a year may not have been the original plan, but rest assured it can present young people with a lot of new and unique opportunities, even with these global circumstances.  After all, why should you be forced to look toward college with a cloud of uncertainty overhead when you can study abroad for a short term, whether virtually or in person?

SAI gap/short-term study abroad programs offer recent high school graduates the opportunity to complete college courses abroad prior to beginning an undergraduate program at a university in the U.S.  Known as a leader in the field of international education, students and their parents can expect to receive extensive support and guidance, from enrollment through program completion.  With proper guidance, we encourage our young adults to explore interests outside of standard curricula, which can be just the thing to gain valuable life experience and see some of what the world has to offer, without becoming too far removed from student life and losing focus.

If you’re looking for an international experience during your gap year, consider some of the following (keep in mind that they all award US academic credit!):

Florence University of the Arts (FUA): You have the option of spending a full semester abroad, or opting for a shorter term like a 3 week Jan Term, a 3 week Short Program, or 3, 6, or 9 week summer programs. SAI also offers a High School/Gap summer term, catered specifically to students who have not yet enrolled in a college program.

John Cabot University, Rome (JCU): Spend a semester in Rome in a specifically designed Gap Semester program that provides additional on-site support and services.

Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento (SA): Spend a semester or summer program studying on the beautiful Amalfi coast. The program at Sant’Anna Institute offers a more intimate experience than large Italian cities – a perfect option for a gap student!

Siena Italian Studies, Siena (SIS): The SIS program offers students the opportunity to have a full immersion in the Italian language – a truly unique experience! SAI offers Semester, Jan Term and Summer programs at SIS. This small program houses all students in family homestays, and helps students go from beginner to comfortable Italian language speakers, all while earning subject credits as well.

Virtual Programs: If travel in the upcoming academic year feels a bit overwhelming, consider a virtual program through SAI. We offer virtual programs of various lengths, and through various host schools – and our tuition is very competitively priced! See Virtual Programs for details.

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