A Day in the Life of SAI Sorrento
Tristan, Sorrento, Spring 2017
March 7, 2017

We handed over our Instagram account to Tristan for the day. This is his day in Sorrento.

Tristan C - Sorrento - Spring 17

Ciao! My name is Tristan and I am studying in Sorrento, Italy! I am from California where I go to school at Point Loma Nazerene University. I study Business Management and Pre-Law and love to surf in my free time. I chose Sorrento because I love the ocean, Italian food, and because my family came from Southern Italy. This picture is of a hike near Sorrento in a town called Amalfi. I’m going to take you through a little of what life is like here in Sorrento today!

Tristan C - Sorrento - Spring 17

I am starting off my morning in my favorite place to study, the balcony of my host families house. Sometimes I forget that I am actually here to study and not just to travel the world! As you can see there are lemon and orange trees out front, they grow all over Sorrento and contribute to a lot of the tastes and flavors of southern Italian culture. My favorite treat from these delicious fruits is Limoncello a classic southern Italian liqueur. 🍋

Tristan C - Sorrento - Spring 17

Basically this is my typical lunch! A prosciutto crudo e formaggio sandwich (uncooked ham and cheese) and one of my favorite Italian beers. I usually grab something like this on my way to class. Sometimes it’s just bread and beer when I’m trying save some euros. In the background is the bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvio reaching into the sky! Sadly it’s a cloudy day but usually the sun makes the view unforgettable.

Tristan C - Sorrento - Spring 17

Did I say how it is sometimes hard to focus in class when this is the view from the window? I’m hoping the water temp warms up just a little bit more so I can start swimming in these beautifully clear waters!

Tristan C - Sorrento - Spring 17

Can’t help but enjoy the beauty of the sunsets here in Sorrento. They never get old.

Tristan C - Sorrento - Spring 17

A perfect way to finish the day is with a delicious Italian meal and some local vino rosso. My roommate and I live with an Italian host family who treats us like we are family and cooks amazing meals every night for us! I won’t ever want to go home! I would highly recommend studying abroad here in Sorrento through SAI, especially if you want to live in a place with more natural beauty than the hustle and bustle of cities! You get the chance to really interact with locals and learn Italian! Arrivederci!!!

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