A Day in the Life of SAI Florence
Olivia, Florence, Spring 2016
May 2, 2016

Olivia M - Florence - Spring 16

Ciao! My name is Olivia Mendoza and I am studying at SAI in Florence. I will be taking over the Instagram today and sharing a day in my life here. I am from Los Angeles, California, but go to school in Texas at Baylor University. This is a picture taken at Giardino di Pratolino during a spur of the moment picnic with my roommate! 

Olivia M - Florence - Spring 16

Today in my cooking class we taste tested olive oil 🌿 Olive oil is definitely better with food rather than on its own though. So far we have done gelato tastings, cheese tastings, wine tastings and have made a bunch of food! I love this class a lot! 

Olivia M - Florence - Spring 16

Florence has recently been very sunny and is starting to finally feel like Spring! Studying abroad has brought beautiful views, as well as great roommates, who will become forever friends 👭👭 

Olivia M - Florence - Spring 16

I get gelato almost every day — today I stopped by Vivaldi after my art history class because sweets before dinner is totally ok here 😏 

Olivia M - Florence - Spring 16

Walking across the Arno at sunset automatically makes all your worries go away 😌 

Olivia M - Florence - Spring 16

I’m signing off with this photo I took from my bedroom window. I love living on this street because it is lively, has great restaurants, shops and gelato! Hope everyone enjoyed a day in the life of a Florence student! 


Olivia is a current student at Baylor University studying at Florence University of the Arts in Italy during the Spring 2016 term.

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