The (Dreaded) Application Process
Vanessa, SAI Admissions
February 13, 2018

It’s really not that bad!

I’m in the middle of finals.” “I’m too busy with school and work to fill out the application.” “I don’t want to write another essay about myself!” As SAI’s Admissions Counselor I get my fair share of students wanting to forgo the application process and head straight for acceptance into one of SAI’s programs. And I can’t blame you. However, rest assured the SAI application process is not that bad!

Below are some tips and tricks to getting through the SAI application process:

A student overwhelmed by the application process (photo courtesy of Pixabay) 

Before you Apply

Wait…before you click the “Submit Application” make sure you:

  • Research the SAI program you are applying to. I don’t mean just skimming over your program page. Do your homework: research the program, the country, and the courses. Make sure you have selected the SAI program that is the best fit for you!
  • When deciding on a program, not only the location and courses are important but also the length of the program. Decide ahead of time how much time you want to spend studying abroad – a month, quarter, semester, year long or short program.
  • Apply to only one SAI program at a time. This hint will save you a lot of time and energy. Don’t waste your precious hours submitting multiple applications. This only makes you have to do double your work.
  • If you have questions regarding programs don’t be afraid to contact the SAI admissions counselors. We are here to help you!

Student working on her application. (photo courtesy of Pixabay) 


The application page can look daunting and intimidating but the information SAI requires is really straight forward.

  • Be sure to correctly input your email and phone number (You would be surprised how many students get this wrong!).
  • Current Address vs. Permanent Address – know the difference!
  • Make your personal essay unique, interesting and answer the questions asked. Keep the length between 300-500 words.
  • Your essay needs to be in word or pdf format (not in the body of an email).
  • Submit your materials in a timely fashion – We, admissions counselors, love receiving all of your application materials right away. However, if you don’t have all of your documents ready it is fine to send each document separately, as they are ready.

Student able to travel the world since completing and being accepted. (photo courtesy of Pixabay) 


  • Look into add-on options & unique SAI offers – Many SAI programs have exciting add-on options and alternative programs, including language courses, honors programs, Global Leadership Certificates, experiential and service learning, volunteering and internships. Speak with your Admissions Counselor regarding specific programs available to you.
  • Cancellation and Refund policies – SAI programs have different cancellation dates and terms. Visit your SAI programs webpage and SAI Policies to know them.
  • Make sure you have home school approval for your courses.
  • Housing – SAI housing, private rooms, homestay are just a few options SAI offers (depending on your particular program). Contact your Admissions Counselor for more information.
  • Scholarships – SAI offers a number of scholarships for all types of students and programs. Find out more about these as well as alternative funding sources here.

Upset about having to fill out an application or still needing help on an application. (photo courtesy of Pixabay) 

Hopefully, these tips and tricks make your SAI application process a breeze! However, if you get stuck or just have questions don’t hesitate to contact your admissions counselor or send an email to We here at SAI are here to help throughout your whole study abroad experience!

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